To write mad is to write for your life.


Group size 5-10.
Work from pre-submitted mss.
Syllabus-based, technically oriented, and therapeutically sensitive.
Syllabus provided includes selections from pre-submitted mss for study.
Adapted to needs of particular group.

1. Poetry Basics
Introduction to verse, figure, and form in contemporary poetry.

2. Prose Basics
Introduction to elements of prose writing (fiction & non-fiction): setting, character, story/plot, narration, etc.

3. Advanced Poetics
Detailed study of one specific aspect of contemporary poetry: metaphor; figures; lineation; etc..

4. Advanced Narrative Technique
Detailed study of one specific aspect of contemporary narratology: character - type vs. individual, F.I.D., time, etc.

5. Sentences & Styles
1. the logic of subject / verb / complement
2. style: classical (low / medium / high); today (additive / subordinative / satiric / reflexive)
3. applications to first and last sentences

6. Writing the Self
Introduction to writing as therapy:
1. the plastic, first-person Self
2. distance from the Self (from 1st- to 3rd-person)
3. changing metaphors of the Self

7. Mad Writing
Writing that celebrates the writer's lived experience of
mental illness, using it:
1. to generate content (memoir);
2. to develop themes (fiction and poetry); and
3. especially, to invent new technical approaches to writing (all genres).



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